The Rhino Den

function-pageCustomizing the function hall experience has always been a passion of ours and we’re thrilled when we’re able to create parties and events that are unique and personalized to your exact desires. Our function hall was specifically designed and laid out to offer families, groups, and organizations a better-than-average, spectacular event.

Offering a selection of options from our exclusive menu and cocktail lounge, we augment your party hall event experience with exceptional food and drink and live music when appropriate. We’re experienced in creating after-hour beer or wine tastings, corporate events, private parties and more. Christmas parties for your office, wedding receptions, or for any party hall need, Rhino Lounge offers an experience that is unlike any other. Dinners will see what real customer service at a restaurant and function hall is.

Find out more by calling our event consultants today and get started on creating your own unique and memorable event now.